The MitraClip provides an alternative to open-heart surgery for patients with degenerative mitral valves. These valves help control blood flow through the heart. They can become dysfunctional over time and cause mitral regurgitation, a condition that allows oxygenated blood to go back into the left atrium instead of forward through the heart. This decreases the amount of blood getting to the heart and can cause heart failure.

The MitraClip is inserted through a catheter in the femoral vein in the groin and guided into the heart where it can strengthen the valve.

The Structural Heart Clinic at Manatee Memorial Hospital is dedicated to patients with aortic stenosis and stroke and bleeding risks associated with atrial fibrillation. The clinic is part of the Heart and Vascular Center and is located across the street from the hospital at 300 Riverside Drive East, Suite 1350. Patients will receive a personalized evaluation from a team of healthcare professionals. Several physicians from Bradenton Cardiology Center are part of the Structural Heart Clinic team, including Dr. Ganesh Athappan, Dr. Daniel E. Friedman, Dr. S. Jay Mathews and Dr. James Nguyen.